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The American Academy of Audiology Conference 2013

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Last week, some of the clinicians at The Hearing Loss Clinic were able to experience the largest audiology conference in the world in Anaheim, California, where The American Academy of Audiology held its annual conference for audiologists and hearing practitioners from across the globe. This year, there were about 6000 delegates, and we were able to attend numerous classes being taught by some of the best minds in our industry. The AAA conferences are always very exciting: researchers, hearing instrument manufacturers, clinicians and students all gather to share ideas, gain new information, and sometimes to even shift our paradigms about the way that we work and counsel.

We all went to earn the hours of continuing education that we are required by provincial law to collect, and to stay fresh in our understanding, more-than-competent in our clinical roles, and passionate about serving our patients to the best of our abilities. It was very interesting to meet some of the authors of our text books, and ask questions about their research and their findings. We attended classes that explored new ideas of tinnitus treatment, new ways of treating sound localization, and learned about some of the new hearing devices that are coming out this year and next. Attending conferences to better ourselves is such a privilege, but very necessary to keep up to our ever-changing industry. Every year, we better our scientific understanding of how our hearing works, and how we can overcome hearing difficulties for our patients. We come back from the conferences happily exhausted, but with a refreshed passion for our profession; we feel that we can handle anything that comes our way!

I once read a little parable about getting together to strengthen our knowledge: if we consider ourselves as little coals, burning brightly with hearts of fire for what we do, we create warmth and energy that we can share with each other. But put all of us together, and our little hearts of fire combined can create such an amazing heat that we can warm the world!

I am so grateful that I work with the excellent team of the forward-thinkers that we all are; we encourage and support each other’s quest for knowledge and encourage each other’s drive to be even better tomorrow than we are today. Thanks to everyone for being so much help and so much fun!

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