Client Testimonials

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Barney Bentall and The Cariboo Express

When the Cariboo Express rolled into Cranbrook, we were welcomed by the wonderful people at The Hearing Loss Clinic. Hearing, is at the core of what we do as musicians. We all got checked, advised and helped in the most friendly and reassuring way. Those whose hearing was still in good shape, learned how to keep it that way, and those who had sustained damage and loss, were helped by the addition of cutting edge hearing aid technologies, which have turned their lives around!

A huge thanks from all of us.”

‘Shark Tank’ star Daymond John: High-tech hearing aids changed my life

“You think of your grandparents wearing hearing aids — not me,” John, 43, told CNNMoney in a phone interview. “But I’m talking to you through my hearing aids … and you’d never really know I’m wearing something.” For the past two years, John has been using smart hearing aids called Halo 2 by the Starkey Hearing Technologies, the same organization that has outfitted four U.S. presidents with hearing devices. The hearing aids were designed to work with iOS devices, allowing users like John to stream calls and listen to music and audio directly through the earpieces. Read more here.

Dr. Emily Roback, co-author of “A Silent Cheer!”  and chiropractor at Iron Mountain Chiropractic, Calgary, Alberta.

“Right from the start, The Hearing Loss Clinic impressed me with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the care & compassion that I was looking for.From their state of the art client care system to their helpful, knowledgeable, friendly staff, my experience with The Hearing Loss Clinic confirms to me that I’ve partnered with true leaders in the health industry.”

Head Coach of the Calgary Stampeders, Coach Hufnagel, about The Hearing Loss Clinic

I’ve been wearing hearing aids for many years to deal with my congenital hearing loss.

As a football coach, I’m often in situations where background noise and acoustics can pose problems for my ability to hear. Of greatest concern was on game days, where I needed to be able to hear important conversations taking place around me, while working in a loud, sometimes hostile, environment.

The experts at The Hearing Loss Clinic were able to diagnose the exact issues I was facing and devise a plan to help deal with them. Since they prescribed my current hearing aids, I’ve had none of the problems that I was having before on game day. I’ve been very pleased with the clarity and overall sound of the unit and this has helped me to do my job most effectively.

In addition to the product itself, I really appreciate the courtesy, professionalism and expertise shown by the staff at The Hearing Loss Clinic. I absolutely recommend them to anyone who is facing similar challenges with loss of hearing.”

Letter sent from Peter Maher, Play-by-play broadcaster Calgary Flames games on The Fan 960 Radio 

The decision for me to wear hearing aids was not an easy one as I suspect it is for most people. However, once the decision was made it has had very positive impact on my personal and business life.

In my profession as a broadcaster/reporter it’s important that I hear clearly. At one point it became apparent that my hearing difficulties, which it’s now suspected I had since birth and were getting increasingly weaker, had reached a point where my work was affected.
It struck me, particularly, one afternoon during a media briefing in the office of the Flames coach, that I wasn’t hearing all that he was saying.

I was reluctant about getting a hearing aid initially having the mindset that ‘hearing aids were for older people and that I wasn’t even close to the age I thought a person should have a hearing aid. I also had concerns about impression others would have of me wearing a hearing aid. After realizing various issues can cause hearing problems for people of all ages I started getting sold on the idea. It also occurred to me that being able to hear what other people were saying was far more important than what they thought of me wearing hearing aids. Now wearing hearing aids is as natural as walking into the broadcast booth at the Pengrowth Saddledome.

First I decided to go with one in the right ear. However, it didn’t take very long to discover that having hearing aids in both ears was much more beneficial.

I’ve had a very positive experience with the friendly, courteous and professional people at The Hearing Loss Clinic. I had used models from other companies in the past, but the folks at the Hearing Loss Clinic worked with me closely making sure I had the right product for my type of hearing loss. We experimented with several different models and settings before I was comfortable with the hearing aids. The staff exercised great patience as we went through process, which was a little more extensive for me since I’m a broadcaster wearing headsets during Flame hockey broadcasts. I need to hear crowd noise and myself well during broadcasts. I also spend a great deal of time talking on the telephone as part of my work. The good people at The Hearing Loss Clinic made adjustments as we went along and now I’m hearing better than I ever have. Both while at work and elsewhere.

The Hearing Loss Clinic people also gave me techniques to maintain the hearing aids so they will last longer with maximum efficiency.

I travel a lot following the Flames, spending a lot of time on noisy airplanes, restaurants and arenas. The hearing aids, I have, allow me to hear the person, or persons, I’m talking to with only a minimal background noise distraction.

Often I have public speaking assignments with question and answer sessions. With the hearing aids I am able to clearly hear questions, even from the far back of the room.

The Hearing Loss Clinic had helped make my life and work much easier.”

Background noise, etc was hindering my ability to hear everything. Media sessions, interviews is extremely important for what I do. Gleaning information is important to my work performance and the passing it on to the listeners of The Fan 960 radio. So hearing everything is imperative.

It was becoming apparent that the suggestions I was getting from family members and friends to have my hearing checked couldn’t be put off any longer. After the hearing test results were relayed to me and strong suggestions that I get a hearing aid made, I looked into the idea.

Steve Downie,

Arizona Coyotes #17
Team Canada World Junior Gold Medal Winner

“Thanks to The Hearing Loss Clinic for letting me hear the game!”

Jaydee Bixby, Klinger, Andrew J. Fuller

“In the music biz your ears are your most valuable instrument. Protecting them on stage and in the studio is a must each and every night. We use Tunz In-Ear Stage Monitors and Musicians Ear Plugs to ensure that we hear clearly and are able to do this for years to come by reducing the threat of damage to our ears.

Thanks to The Hearing Loss Clinic for all they’ve done for us, let the music play on!!

When choosing a Hearing Loss Clinic, choose none other than the Hearing Loss Clinic in Creston, BC. I have nothing but good things to say about the outstanding service I have received from both ladies at this clinic. They take the time to understand your type of hearing loss, and help you choose what is right for you.20170331_133356

I have had my hearing aids now for 7 months and the only mistake I made was not getting them sooner.

They have enhanced my life, I now enjoy music again, television again and most of all, the sounds of nature. Birds are singing in my life again, I do not have to keep asking a clerk or my friends to repeat her/his self. I can now hear what my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are telling me. I can now hear what my doctor is telling me and believe this is a blessing. I was so tired of saying “I didn’t hear you”, “could you repeat that” and “huh”, sometimes 3 or 4 times. I felt left out at get-togethers because I didn’t catch part or all of the conversation. It has improved my social life tremendously. The benefits being able to carry on a conversation without having to say “I beg your pardon” numerous times or giving dumb answers to their questions because I didn’t hear what they had said properly.

Thank you to the Creston Hearing Loss Clinic. You Rock.

– Caryle Schroeder

Music to my ears…

As consumers we are often quick (and correct) to voice complaints about shoddy service. On the other side of the coin however – we are sometimes not as quick to broadcast praise about exceptional service experiences. While I have usually tried to do both, on the odd occasion I do forget to cast my ‘vote of appreciation’. This has been one of those occasions – and I wish to make up for that now.

About 5 years ago my wife’s (constant) complaints about my hearing drove me (reluctantly) to have it checked. Initially seeing my Doctor about it he scheduled me to visit ‘The Hearing Loss Clinic’. Even more reluctantly – I complied – as a happy wife can contribute greatly to a happy life. The initial succession of hearing tests fully verified my wife’s (apparently very understated) concerns. Woe was I. The thought of having to wear hearing aids was not on my bucket list.

My Hearing Loss Clinic Practitioner, Patty Martin, evidently recognized my reticence. Rather than merely selling me a product, she went well out of her way to entice me to try them, and like them. Different tests, different explanations of pros and cons, different examples of specific benefits to me. Informative, helpful and totally respectful – she helped me overcome my hesitation to where I actually looked forward to trying them out. And, to my surprise, having been told that I was a retired military veteran she initiated communications with Veteran’s Affairs that I hadn’t even considered or requested.

Over the next four years The Hearing Loss Clinic stayed in unvarying touch with me. Regularly scheduled appointments maintained the hearing aids to optimum performance and they were continually technically adjusted to optimally meet my changing hearing deficiencies. Batteries, cleaning supplies, etc. were available to me whenever required – I just stopped in, was fully supplied, and departed all within a minute or so. Always greeted in a very friendly and helpful manner. I cannot recall any other service facility ever being as well organized or helpful as they were.

Recently, taken somewhat by surprise, they fitted me with a new set of hearing aids. These were the latest and greatest technologically advanced set designed to date. The options and capabilities of these amazed me – and added so much versatility to their usage. I have actually come to the point where I do prefer to wear them for a variety of activities – they are that good. I am even currently trying to convince a friend to obtain them – something I would never have done in the past.

Throughout my time in dealing with the Hearing Loss Clinic, Patty and the other staff have been simply wonderful. Very courteous, very helpful and extremely well organized. I would highly recommend their expertise and service to anyone. There is just no comparison I could make.

And by the way. If curiosity inspires a visit – go and have a coffee there. The absolute best coffee I have ever had in this area bar none. Kind of justified my showing up for every appointment 15 minutes early.   🙂

– Roger Chapman

For as long as I can remember, my left ear has been profoundly deaf and unable to benefit from a conventional hearing aid. I often struggle to hear speech coming from my left side, sometimes even when the person talking is standing right next to me. I constantly try to position myself so that people are speaking toward my better ear, but it’s not always possible, especially in large groups. Since I was fitted with the Starkey Muse BiCROS system, I’ve noticed a big improvement! Now that I have greater access to sounds coming from my left, I can hear better and I feel more confident and relaxed in social situations. I want to extend a huge thank you to Gillian and The Hearing Loss Clinic for making this possible!

– Nadine

Last week I visited The Hearing Loss Clinic where I received the Starkey Muse CROS hearing aids, they are made for people like me who have complete hearing loss in one ear. The sound on the side of my dead ear is transferred to my good ear, so for the first time in 11 years I feel like I can hear in both ears. This has already improved the quality of my life immensely. I would like to thank Starkey Canada for making this hearing aid with the most amazing technology and my audiologist Lisa for the professional service she provided in teaching me how to get the most out of my new hearing aids.

– Trent Coulthard

I am delighted with my choice of The Hearing Loss Clinic for my brand new and advanced pair of CIC instruments. I appreciate your great customer service provided to me specially with Carolina Escobar. She has been excelling in her assistance and professionalism, and has delivered me the pleasurable comfort of talking in my own language (Spanish).

I really feel that you have been contributing to my quality of life.

– Hernán J. Restrepo

I was chatting with my dad a few days ago and he and I would again like to thank you for what you did for him. He mentioned that until you came along, he was at a loss for what to do about his hearing. Your work is very much appreciated and we’d just like to throw another thank you to you and your staff for their help. I’m sure that you have touched many people out there and we all feel the same way.

– Regards, Bill Allen

“Hearing Aids” are, in my opinion, helpful instruments to anyone suffering hearing loss, for whatever reason. I was diagnosed with severe hearing problems 20 years ago, however I believe that because of stubbornness or pride, I refused to accept the fact that ‘just perhaps’ there was relief available. In years past ‘hearing aide’ instruments were more cumbersome and obvious when worn . Now they are practically invisible, technically more effective, easier to use, and more comfortable to wear. My only regret is, that this step was not taken 15 to 20 years ago.

Thanks to you and the staff at “The Hearing Loss Clinic” for your friendly attitude, and helpfulness in making this an unexpected life change for both my wife and myself.

– Doris & Boyd

My husband (age 62) has needed hearing aids for quite a while now. We saw an ad for The Hearing Loss Clinic, and noticed all their Consumer Awards. I now know why they are absolutely worthy of those awards. We went in to see Cherie (audiologist) and Judy (front desk). We felt like family in there. The care and patience that Cherie took in making sure that with each adjustment of the hearing aids, my husband was more than happy with them. She even called us at home to see if everything was doing fine. After he first received his hearing aids, he couldn’t believe how much he was actually missing in life. He could hear what our youngest granddaughter was saying, he could hear conversations , presentations, new noises in the vehicles and me when I was talking to him!! We have coffee on the deck starting in the early spring, and the final test was when he was actually able to hear a little chickadee. Of course we have not figured how to tune out the magpies yet! And ladies, don’t worry….the hearing aids don’t come with a mute button!

We just want to thank you Cherie for your care, concern , dedication and genuine interest in helping Ferg to a new phase in his life. Thanks Judy for your friendliness, the appointments you sometimes squeezed us in and for the delicious coffee that you served us, always with a smile. We just love coming to see both of you.

– G & F

Please transfer Leighanne Hebein to the Kootenays, especially Creston! Vick and I are in our 80’s now and never have we felt the care and dedication to our needs that we have felt from Leighanne. Her attitude of positive thinking fills her office and I feel hope once again. Leighanne was so very honest with me, nothing more could be done to improve my hearing, but that was not the end of it. Leighanne ordered a Starkey Destiny 800 with ear buds! A different brand might work. My old ones were Phonak. The Destiny 800 are more comfortable and the hollow sound (I felt as if I was in a Barrel) was almost gone. Leighanne has now ordered a Destiny 800 with Volume Control. I am so excited! Leighanne exudes happiness and excitement in her work and transfers it to her patients. She is so quick and knowledgeable. We have never felt hurried or like, “deaf old people”. Vick and I would like our hearing needs monitored by Leighanne, please hire her in Creston or even Cranbrook.

– VS, Creston

I want to thank you and your staff for the many years you’ve professionally taken care of my hearing loss requirements. I played in dance bands for decades and spent many years in the broadcasting business, never paying any attention to sound and noise levels. It was only after your analysis and care about my poor hearing, that I can now enjoy life to it’s fullest.

It was only after your analysis and care about my poor hearing, that I can now enjoy life to it’s fullest. If I was asked by the Chamber of Commerce, or anyone in the East Kootenay of B.C., to select the friendliest and most knowledgeable hearing specialists around, I would name the people at our Hearing Loss Clinic. The hearing improvement aids you recommend and the warranties associated with these, are superb, plus your back-up service is an award winner.”

– Gary Cavers, Cranbrook B.C.