Signs of Hearing Loss in Children

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Common indications for a hearing evaluation could be:

    • Does not startle or jump to loud sounds
    • Does not babble by the age of 3 months
    • Does not respond to his/her name or does not turn toward sounds by the age of 7 months
    • Does not respond to simple requests or does not try to imitate words by the age of 12 months
    • Cannot be understood by most people
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  • Often ask for things to be repeated
  • Seem to watch your face closely when you talk
  • Seem inattentive at home or school
  • Do not communicate as well as other children the same age
  • Often respond to a question with an unrelated answer
  • Prefer the TV or radio louder than others in the family
  • Have had many ear infections
  • Respond inconsistently to sound
  • Use gestures to communicate

As a parent, you are the best person to look for signs that suggest poor hearing.

Any child whose parent expresses concern about whether their child hears should be considered for referral for a hearing test without delay. Parents should not be afraid to let their instincts guide them in requesting or independently arranging for further evaluation whenever they are concerned about their children’s health or development.