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The Hearing Loss Clinic offers professional healthcare in a warm, inviting and modern office environment. We also make every effort to see our patients as quickly as possible in order to minimize reception room waiting periods.

In addition to working with patients who have supplementary health insurance, The Hearing Loss Clinic has established itself with several government agencies.

Our staff is warm, patient, sensitive and receptive to all of our patients’ needs and concerns. The counseling and advice they provide is professional, thorough and made easy to understand through the use of ear models and demonstrations.

We offer a variety of printed information (brochures, newsletters and printouts) so that patients can review these at home at their own convenience and contact us later if they have any questions.m, patient, sensitive and receptive to all of our patients’ needs and concerns. The counseling and advice they provide is professional, thorough and made easy to understand through the use of ear models and demonstrations.

Our Team…credentials you can trust!


Lisa Ballantyne ,
M.S., Aud(C), R.Aud,
Clinical Audiologist
“I enjoy improving people’s quality of life, allowing them to enjoy life to the fullest.” Lisa is certified in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy and belongs to CASPLA, ACSPLA and Board of Hearing Aid Dealers and Consultants of British Columbia. When not working, Lisa enjoys outdoor activities, reading and spending time with friends.
whitneyWhitney Reaman,
Au.D., M.Sc., R.Aud(C)
Doctor of Audiology
Being an audiologist is a very rewarding career. I love having the opportunity to work with people of all ages to improve their ability to communicate and I truly enjoy getting to know my clients and their families in the process.
Sabrina Rhodes, BC-HIS
Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner
“Health and well-being includes your hearing. I believe that hearing is one of the most important senses of all; it connects us to the people we love and care about the most. I whole heartedly enjoy helping people get the very best out of their hearing; it makes them feel happier and more confident.” I enjoy skiing, traveling, water skiing, golfing with my kids and most of all…being with family and friends. She is a member of the of the International Hearing Society, National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences and a member of the College of Hearing Aid Practitioners of Alberta.

Gerry Rhodes,
Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist
“I love my job. I’ve met and worked with many wonderful people over the years and feel that the dedication and caring that I have provided to my patients has been repaid a million times over by their loyalty and satisfaction.” In addition to belonging to the International Hearing Aid Society, the Canadian Hearing Instrument Practitioners Society, Board of Hearing Aid Dealers and Consultants of British Columbia, National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences and the Hearing Instrument Specialist’s Society of BC, Gerry is a member of the Canadian Ski Instructor’s Alliance. She loves to spend time with family and, of course, to ski. She is proud of having been taught how to rollerblade by her grandkids, who, she admits, are still better at it than she is.
Hannah Lee, M.SC., R.Aud
Director of Audiology
Alberta Region
“I really enjoy the variety of clients we see at the clinic. Each client is unique and improving their hearing requires us to focus on the individual’s needs and challenges. My job is very rewarding!” Hannah is a member of CASLPA and ACSLPA as well as she received the Canadian Academy of Audiology Student Award. Hannah enjoys snowboarding, rollerblading and spending with family and friends.

Carolina Escobar,
M.Cl.Sc., R.Aud.,
Clinical Audiologist
“Life is all about doing what you love, in my case it has always been helping others. And what a better choice in life than choosing a career that allows me to connect with people, help them reconnect with their lives and family through improving their hearing and communication abilities. What a nice job to do!!” Carolina enjoys being around her family, friends and dogs as well as enjoys watching all kinds of movies and dining out.


gillianGillian Taylor,
M.Sc., R.Aud., Clinical Audiologist
Hearing and communication are fundamental to human interaction. I absolutely love that I work in a field that focuses on helping people to improve their own communication. Having the opportunity to meet such a wide variety of wonderful and interesting people is just icing on the cake.

celinaCelina Wai,
BC-HIS, Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner
I find it personally and professionally rewarding to help people recapture the sounds they/ve been missing. My mission is to continue to challenge myself to provide the best solution and highest level of care for my client in order to enhance their quality of life.


meganMegan Kee,
M.Sc, R.Aud, Aud(C)
Clinical Audiologist
I enjoy working with clients and their families to help them reach their communicative potential using the most up-to-date evidence based practices and advanced technologies as well as by educating them on hearing loss and it’s effects. I enjoy playing sports and spending time outdoors with friends and family. I also like watching movies and searching out new recipes to try.
Melissa Hazen,
MSc Audiological Science
I came into this field with the intention of providing quality service and genuine care for my patients. Hearing is such a multi-faceted experience that affects various areas of a person’s day-to-day lifestyle. I am passionate about disability and mental health and often volunteer my time towards various organizations across Canada. Notably, Special Olympics Calgary and Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.
Virginia Ellis, M. Aud(Dist), Aud(C), RAUD
Director of Audiology
British Columbia Region
Hearing is precious. If through my work I can make a small change to help improve someone’s hearing then I know I’ve achieved something valuable. I am from New Zealand and while I miss my family and friends very much, I am loving living in Canada. I have embraced the winter and now cross country ski, downhill ski and snowshoe. I also enjoy the summer with kayaking, hiking and mountain-biking. Canada is a wonderful country and I feel lucky to be here.
Barb Holler
Hearing Aid Student/Intern
Being able to communicate with those around us is essential in maintaining a good quality of life, and seeking help for a suspected hearing loss takes courage and motivation. As a team member of the Hearing Loss Clinic, I have the opportunity to help create a unique, client-centred experience for each person who walks through the door. I have a genuine passion for helping people, and the best part of my day is spent getting to know our clients. In my down time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, watching movies, and long distance running.
Lindsay Hoath,
Au. D. R.Aud
Doctor of Audiology
Audiology has given me the privilege of helping people of all ages improve their quality of hearing and ability to communicate. One of the wonderful things about audiology is that I get to see patients who have experienced journeys where one is nothing like another. It brings joy to my life when I am able to provide patients with all of the necessary information and tools to succeed. I love spending time in the beautiful outdoors, biking, hiking, and going on quests to spot wild animals.


Connie Sakundiak,
Office Manager
“Kindness is contagious. It’s very satisfying to know that I have provided our clients with friendly service and made them feel comfortable and welcome.” Connie likes to travel to warm destinations, enjoys cooking, spending time with family and watching her two girls play hockey.
Krista Dayman,
Office Manager
“What is so rewarding is the joy and emotion shown by our clients when the world of hearing is reopened to them. It’s an amazing feeling that I have not experienced in the past.” Krista enjoys hiking, baking, spending time with family and 2 dogs.
Judy Sakundiak,
Client Experience Team
“It is a pleasure to be working with a dedicated team of professionals who provide industry leading hearing services and products to improve quality of life, helping you to listen and hear comfortably.” Judy enjoys keeping up with her three grown University children, training for marathons and spending time with family and friends.”
Becky Kamps,
Client Experience Team
Hearing Loss doesn’t have to stop you from doing the things you love or enjoying the company of friends and family. My favorite part of this job is helping put smiles on people’s faces as well as the reward of making a difference in their lives.  In my spare time me and my kids enjoy everything the Kootenays has to offer, including kayaking, fishing, hiking and a winter filled with hockey!


Brittany Wilcox,
Client Experience Team
I enjoy that I can come in to the office everyday and put a smile on someone`s face and know that we have helped them.  I’ve enjoyed hearing all the wonderful stories that the clients share with me and the impact of their quality of life has changed sine they have come to see us.  I enjoy spending time with my family, boating, hiking, camping and being outdoors.
Karen Blackie,
Client Experience Team
I truly enjoy working with people. Most of my career has been care related working with seniors or the mentally challenged.  I find all the wonderful clients at The Hearing Loss Clinic is incredibly fulfilling.  I spend much of my free time exploring the Kootenays and photographing scenery and wildlife.  I love walking my dog along the river and dykes in the Creston Valley.  It is a very peaceful place to live.
Crystal Thouret,
Client Experience Team
The satisfaction upon seeing patient’s eyes light up when we can help them with their hearing aids.  Also the atmosphere, everyone is so happy and it’s such a positive place.  I enjoy any and all summer activities including camping, fishing, hiking, most of all basking in the sun.  In the winter I love to ski and snowshoe.  But above all spending time with my two daughters tops it all of.  Especially wen I can enjoy those activities with them!
Jessica Jarvie,
Client Experience Team
I enjoy working here with such a great group of people creating a welcoming and fun environment for everyone who enters. I am a big lover of the outdoors. I enjoy camping, hiking, rafting- really anything you can do out in the mountains. My other passions are animals and art.



Jessica Abt, B. Sc.
Client Experience Team
“We rise by lifting others.” It is beyond rewarding to be able put a smile on our client’s faces and bring a positive impact to their life. I enjoy getting to help and interact with such a wide variety of people. I love living in Fernie and enjoying all the Elk Valley has to offer. In my spare time you can find me snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, spending time with friends/family and travelling.


Angela Ostrander
Client Experience Team
“I enjoy spending time with my family and friends; cross country skiing, downhill skiing, hiking, skating, and swimming. “I think there is nothing more amazing than helping people everyday, and doing it with a kind smile.”
Brianna Rhodes
Client Experience Team
“I love knowing when I walk into work every day, that I’m going to help improve someone’s quality of life that day. Helping others is definitely something I want to do for the rest of my life, and the Hearing Loss Clinic is a company that allows me to feel the love every single day. I enjoy travelling around the world with my family, skiing, crafting, finding new music, and I love my puppies. And when I’m not helping out with hearing aids, you can find me doing make up, as a registered makeup artist! ”









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