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Changing seasons, Changing health

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Ahhhhh… Spring is here, and sunny summer is on the way! As human beings that have been making our way through the changing seasons for millennia, we’re actually hard-wired to accept and anticipate change. We look forward to spring sunshine after a long winter, we are eagerly anticipate wallowing in the summer heat, we prepare for the cooler days in autumn, and we get ready to hunker down and get through winter until the cycle repeats itself. We change constantly, and change can be a healthy, productive, refreshing part of our lives. However, sometimes we resist change, especially when we fear what the changes may bring. Not knowing for sure how things will work out may bring anxiety and emotional uncertainty, but if we can find a way to focus on positive possibilities, it makes embracing change easier and less fearful.

When a person’s hearing changes, it usually happens over a long, slow time. Without knowing, we adjust to the change in our hearing – we try to listen a little harder, try to make others speak a little louder, and sometimes, we learn to avoid those situations that are just too darn hard to hear within. This change in hearing is often natural ‘wear-and-tear’, but sometimes the change is sped-up by noise damage and work environment noise. Hearing changes in all of us; it just does. Sometimes, it changes to the point where the frustration of trying to hear properly takes away the fun of talking to friends and family, and takes away the purpose of getting together to share thoughts and feelings. The normal change in hearing can create a negative change in how we like to live our lives, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Sometimes we have to change to keep up with life changes! We are so blessed to have so many great solutions to the changes around us. Changes in hearing may be part of life, but wow, do we have some wonderful solutions for hearing difficulties now! The fear of having to wear an old-fashioned clunky hearing aid and being perceived as old and clunky too is a large part of why people don’t pursue a solution to changing hearing. This fear-based idea needs to be addressed; it’s just wrong! Hearing aids are so much cooler, sleeker, and technologically better than they ever have been before. We have hearing aids that connect wirelessly to each other, to our cell phones, to our televisions and even our MP3 players and computers. These new hearing aids are proof that we, as a society, are always seeking new answers for age-old problems and that while change is necessary, it can be wonderful indeed. Finding out for yourself what it’s like to hear really well again will certainly help you overcome the fear of finding a solution to your changing hearing problems.

If you think your hearing is changing, come and see us at The Hearing Loss Clinic. We can help you discover for yourself that there are some really amazing hearing products available to help you adapt to change.

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