Making a positive difference in the lives of those with hearing impairment

The American Academy of Audiology Conference 2013

Last week, some of the clinicians at The Hearing Loss Clinic were able to experience the largest audiology conference in the world in Anaheim, California, where The American Academy of Audiology held its annual conference for audiologists and hearing practitioners from across the globe. This year, there were about 6000 delegates, and we were able to attend numerous classes being taught by some of the best minds in our industry. The AAA conferences are always very exciting: researchers, hearing instrument manufacturers, clinicians and students all gather to share ideas, gain new information, and sometimes to even shift our paradigms about the way that we work and counsel. Read more..

Blue Monday, Hopeless & Depressing?

January 21st, the third Monday of the New Year, is considered by psychologists to be “Blue Monday”, the most depressing, hopeless day of the year for North Americans. Read more..

A Voice of Our Own – The role of service and therapy dogs in practice

Written by Emily Roback

If you walk into my office, Ivey, my one-year-old Weimaraner – who is trained in hearing obedience, triathlon and performing fly ball tricks – could very well be the first to greet you! She is my hearing service dog. She is ready, at a moment’s notice, to not only run by my side and give me a sense of security and well-being while I’m in training for triathlons, but also to assist in the office when I’m treating patients. She is trained, among other things, to listen for the doorbell and for when visitors walk in and out of the clinic. Patients often comment on how comfortable they feel with Ivey in the waiting room – and that doesn’t surprise me. Read more..