Making a positive difference in the lives of those with hearing impairment

How earbuds can wreck your hearing (especially for young people)

Jemal R. Brinson
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People have listened to loud music for as long as there has been music. But the spread of smartphones with built-in music players along with the earbuds that come with them could be compounding the problem, especially for young people.
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Is your house damaging your hearing?


Our home is more than four walls that keep us safe and warm. It’s a space that provide respite from busy days, invites us to gather with friends and family, or encourages us to relax in front of the television to watch our favorite shows. Read more..

Ring in the Holiday Season with a Hearing Test for You and a Loved One

Hearing Test this Christmas
Washington, DC, November 17, 2014 — Addressing hearing loss isn’t just about what you hear — it’s about how you feel and function, says the Better Hearing Institute (BHI), which is encouraging people of all ages to get their hearing tested this holiday season. Studies show that when people address hearing loss, it can have a positive effect on their home life, self-confidence, relationships, mood, overall health, job performance, and even income. It safeguards quality of life by helping people maintain an active, healthy lifestyle and stay socially and cognitively engaged. Read more..