Making a positive difference in the lives of those with hearing impairment

Changing seasons, Changing health

Ahhhhh… Spring is here, and sunny summer is on the way! As human beings that have been making our way through the changing seasons for millennia, we’re actually hard-wired to accept and anticipate change. We look forward to spring sunshine after a long winter, we are eagerly anticipate wallowing in the summer heat, we prepare for the cooler days in autumn, and we get ready to hunker down and get through winter until the cycle repeats itself. We change constantly, and change can be a healthy, productive, refreshing part of our lives. However, sometimes we resist change, especially when we fear what the changes may bring. Not knowing for sure how things will work out may bring anxiety and emotional uncertainty, but if we can find a way to focus on positive possibilities, it makes embracing change easier and less fearful. Read more..

Fall in love with hearing properly again?

My typical Hearing Loss Clinic work day consists of many tasks: performing hearing evaluations, adjusting hearing aids, checking and caring for hearing aids, and fitting new hearing aids on both new and experienced wearers. I performed one of my favorite fittings this morning: new open-fit hearing aids for a long-time wearer of hearing aids that had lost part of his hearing through work noise. His type of hearing loss used to be the worst, hardest loss to effectively help, as the old technology hearing aids couldn’t make high frequencies loud enough to hear without driving the wearer crazy with occlusion.

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We Work With and Understand all Sorts of Hearing Losses

January 23rd, 2013
I performed a hearing test on a very nice gentleman today that really reminded me of why I became a hearing practitioner. Read more..