Product Brochures

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Here are a few brochures from some of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers. The Hearing Loss Clinic represents ALL major manufacturers and should you have any questions about the types of advanced digital hearing devices available, please do not hesitate to contact us as it would be our pleasure to help you.

Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

Hi-Fidelity Sound Solutions
Hearing Protectin & Digital Enhancement for Shooters
SurfLink Accessories
How Hearing Works
Understanding Hearing Loss
Treating Hearing Loss
What to Expect From Your Hearing Aids
Caring For Your Hearing Aids
Hearing Loss: Talking With a Loved One
What’s New in Hearing Aids
Common Ear Diseases
Your Balance System
Time, Practice and Experience
The Price of Better Hearing
How much do hearing aids cost?
How Hearing Aids Work
What to Expect at Your Hearing Care Appointment
Binaural Hearing
VFusion Rechargeable Battery System
Confusion & Hearing Loss
Z Series Wireless Hearing Products
Hearing Aid Battery Basics
Protect Your Hearing
Muse – Wireless hearing solutions made for life.
Muse CROS System – Hearing solutions for singlesided hearing loss
Halo 2 – Made for iPhone
SoundLens Synergy
About the Starkey Hearing Foundation
How To Clean Your Patients’ Hearing Aids
Hearing Protection – Custom Earplugs & Speciality Earmolds


Audeo Q Brochure
Phonak Audéo B
Phonak Audéo B-R
Phonak Belong
Phonak Belong At A Glance
Phonak CROS B
Phonak Wireless Communication
Quest Brochure
Naída Brochure
CROS Brochure
Junior Hearing Solutions
Roger Educational Brochure
Edulink – Why does my child have problems at school?
Edulink – The direct link between student and teacher


Consumer Guide-Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids
Musicians Earplugs
Musicians Earplugs – Fitting Guide
Sounds Solutions – Custom In-Ear Products
Tunz Custom Audio and Stage Monitors