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Blue Monday, Hopeless & Depressing?

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January 21st, the third Monday of the New Year, is considered by psychologists to be “Blue Monday”, the most depressing, hopeless day of the year for North Americans.

The reasons are plentiful: Holidays are well and truly over, January winter weather is firmly in place, short days, long dark nights, and no vacation time in sight for the majority of us. I woke up feeling headache-y, tired and lethargic, and had a hard time getting myself ready for another week of work as a health care provider in the hearing industry. It was actually a relief that when I got to work, booted up my computer and opened my Inbox to receive a little blurb of an email telling me to have a happy day, in spite of it being “Blue Monday”. I was quite pleased to know that my cranky mood was being shared by millions of other people all over my continent. There IS comfort in numbers!

Realistically, however, we all have to find a way to push ourselves forward, get ourselves dressed, and lose our blues before we settle in to our work routines. So how does a health care provider find the strength and the self discipline to not display her negative emotions and put on a happy face before she infects everyone else around with her Blues? Sometimes, it’s not very easy, but counting blessings and looking around for loveliness really helps. On my way to work, I watch for happy things: birds flitting busily, snow sparkles, a patch of blue sky or sunshine, a smiling face. Once I’m at work, I find that just seeing my patients, hearing their successes, and finding solutions to their difficulties, really banishes those blues – we can’t help but smile when our patients are so happy to see us! By the time my first patient had left my office, I was feeling happy, content and looking forward to the rest of my work day.

At The Hearing Loss Clinic, we are all so fortunate to have supportive, happy coworkers and colleagues who are always willing to share a joke, or smile in sympathy at any stories of frustration. We have worked hard at becoming better people and attended many seminars and workshops on how to find contentment, acceptance and joy in our personal lives and our work. We all share a passion for making a positive difference in our patient’s lives, and are so pleased to be able to pass on our good feelings to each other, and to the patients that we serve. It’s truly amazing to have the opportunity to change a person’s outlook on life through better hearing, and is a sure-fire way to beat those occasional Blue Mondays!

Happy 2013 to everyone, and here’s to a “Blues”-free year for us all.

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