Making a positive difference in the lives of those with hearing impairment

Communication Strategies: How Can Friends and Family Help?

Hearing aid technology has advanced remarkably in the last few years. Hearing aids are able to amplify sounds in different ways depending on the frequency and decibel level of the incoming sounds, they can “filter out” background noise with the use of directional microphones and noise management algorithms, and the number of ways we, as clinicians, can adjust the hearing aids is enormous. However, what people don’t understand right away is that hearing aids are just that: aids. Think of them as a pair of crutches. Read more..

Changing seasons, Changing health

Ahhhhh… Spring is here, and sunny summer is on the way! As human beings that have been making our way through the changing seasons for millennia, we’re actually hard-wired to accept and anticipate change. We look forward to spring sunshine after a long winter, we are eagerly anticipate wallowing in the summer heat, we prepare for the cooler days in autumn, and we get ready to hunker down and get through winter until the cycle repeats itself. We change constantly, and change can be a healthy, productive, refreshing part of our lives. However, sometimes we resist change, especially when we fear what the changes may bring. Not knowing for sure how things will work out may bring anxiety and emotional uncertainty, but if we can find a way to focus on positive possibilities, it makes embracing change easier and less fearful. Read more..

The American Academy of Audiology Conference 2013

Last week, some of the clinicians at The Hearing Loss Clinic were able to experience the largest audiology conference in the world in Anaheim, California, where The American Academy of Audiology held its annual conference for audiologists and hearing practitioners from across the globe. This year, there were about 6000 delegates, and we were able to attend numerous classes being taught by some of the best minds in our industry. The AAA conferences are always very exciting: researchers, hearing instrument manufacturers, clinicians and students all gather to share ideas, gain new information, and sometimes to even shift our paradigms about the way that we work and counsel. Read more..